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Credentialing Guidelines and Requirements

A Candidate Guidebook

Exam Day

Identification Requirements

To take a PTCB certification exam, all candidates must provide positive proof of identity by presenting a valid, unexpired, government-issued ID with a photograph and signature. The proof of identity must be an original document (not a photocopy, fax, or digital ID) and the name on the ID must match the candidate’s name as it appears within their PTCB Account (exceptions noted below). Candidates who arrive at the test center without an acceptable ID will not be allowed to test and will forfeit all fees. The following are approved forms of ID:

  • Passport/Passport Card
  • Government-Issued Driver’s License or Identification Card
  • Government-Issued Driving Learner’s Permit
  • Military ID
  • Permanent Resident Card (Green Card)
  • US Department of Homeland Security-issued Employment Authorization Card

All IDs required must be issued by the country in which the candidate is testing. If the candidate does not have the qualifying ID issued from the country they are testing in, an international travel passport in roman characters from their country of citizenship is required. 

If the primary form of ID does not include a signature, candidates must present a valid unexpired secondary form of ID that contains the candidate’s first and last name and includes a signature. The following are examples of secondary forms of ID:

  • Social Security Card
  • Credit Card
  • ATM/Debit Card
  • Employee/School ID


If a candidate presents an expired driver’s license AND an electronic or hard copy receipt for renewal but has not yet received the license, they will be permitted to test if the renewal receipt has not expired. If the renewal receipt is expired, the candidate will not be permitted to test. Temporary licenses are acceptable with all required elements (contains a photo or accompanied by the expired license).

Pearson VUE test center staff will match the name on your ID to the name in their system (your name as it appears within your PTCB Account). The name on your ID must match exactly, with a few exceptions:

  • A hyphen is used on one document but not on another. (Disregard the hyphen). Example: Sarah Johnson Wells OR Sarah Wells are both acceptable matches for Sarah Johnson-Wells.
  • Sara Johnson and Sara Myers are individually acceptable as the same person when compared to Sara Johnson-Myers, Sara Johnson Myers, Sara Myers-Johnson, and Sara Myers Johnson because one of the names, either the registration or the ID, has both last names.
  • Sara Johnson is not acceptable as Sara Myers without an original marriage certificate, divorce decree, or other legal documentation of a name change since neither name contains both the candidate’s current and former last name.
  • Sara Johnson Myers is acceptable for Sara Johnson without an original marriage certificate, divorce decree, or other legal documentation of a name change. If the candidate’s maiden and last names are on their ID, it is acceptable regardless of the order in which they appear.
  • Names with initials and reversed names are acceptable:
    • J Smith and John Smith are acceptable discrepancies
    • Smith J and J Smith are acceptable discrepancies
    • John Smith and Smith John are acceptable discrepancies
    • Smith J and John Smith are acceptable discrepancies, as are J Smith and John Smith

Test Center Rules

Candidates should review Pearson VUE Test Center Rules prior to their exam appointments. The complete test rules agreement can be found here. During exam administration, if a candidate experiences any problems or has questions or concerns, they are encouraged to notify the test administrator during the exam session. Pearson VUE reports all incidents to PTCB in which a candidate acts in a disruptive or threatening manner, or engages in any behavior which may constitute a violation of the Test Center Rules and/or PTCB policy. PTCB reviews these incidents and may take appropriate action, including but not limited to termination of the exam, invalidation of exam score, and/or disqualification from future exam attempts.

Pearson VUE Comfort Aid List

The complete list of comfort aids can be found here and do not require pre-approval. They will be allowed in the testing room upon visual inspection by the Testing Center staff. Visual inspection will be done by examining the item without directly touching it or the candidate and without asking the candidate to remove the item. The presence of any other items in the testing room, including medical equipment not listed below, must be requested and approved through the accommodations process.


A calculator is built into the PTCB exam. A personal calculator may not be used under any circumstance. However, if a candidate requests a hand-held calculator and one is available at the test center, the candidate is permitted to use it upon request.

Exam Security

In order to protect and secure the integrity of its exams, PTCB may cancel any exam score obtained in a questionable manner. Before a candidate begins a PTCB exam they must agree to the PTCB Candidate Attestation. A candidate who does not agree to the attestation will not be permitted to take the exam. Violation of exam security is a breach of the Code of Conduct that could result in disciplinary action taken under the PTCB Conduct Case Procedures.

PTCB Candidate Attestation

All candidates must agree to the Candidate Attestation at the testing center prior to the start of any PTCB Certification exam. The candidate attestation is as follows:

  1. This examination and the test questions contained herein are the exclusive copyrighted property of the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board.
  2. No part of this examination may be copied or reproduced in part or whole by any means whatsoever, including memorization.
  3. [PTCE® only] I acknowledge that I will not engage in any training activities designed to prepare individuals to sit for the PTCE for the period of three (3) years after taking this examination. [CSPT® Exam only] I understand that I am prohibited from participating in or profiting from the preparation, presentation, sponsorship, or ownership of any program, training, or publication primarily intended and/or marketed to increase others’ performance on the CSPT Exam (e.g., sharing or replicating test items, providing test strategies) for a period of three (3) years after taking this examination.
  4. My participation in any irregularity occurring during this examination, such as giving or obtaining unauthorized information or aid, as evidenced by observation or subsequent analysis, may result in termination of my participation, invalidation of the results of my examination, or other appropriate action.
  5. Future discussion or disclosure of the contents of the examination orally, in writing, or by any other means is prohibited.
  6. I understand that during this examination, I may NOT communicate with other candidates, refer to any materials other than those provided to me, or assist or obtain assistance from any person. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in the invalidation of my examination results as well as other appropriate action.
  7. I agree that in the event my exam responses are lost, any claim I may have will not exceed the amount of the fee for this examination.

Inclement Weather/Local or National Emergencies

In the event of inclement weather or a local or national emergency, please contact Pearson VUE at (866) 902-0593 or go to for appointment status. If the test center is closed and appointments are canceled, candidates should wait two (2) business days before calling to reschedule their appointment.