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PTCB Help Center

Answers to many frequently asked questions about certification, recertification, Assessment-Based Certificates, and PTCB can be found in our Help Center. This includes how to appeal a PTCB decision or issue a formal complaint.


Candidate Guidebook

The Candidate Guidebook provides all the information about PTCB programs and policies. We recommend that candidates and certificants read through this interactive document to familiarize themselves with our certifications, certificates, exams and other policies.


Submit a Help Request

Need further assistance? You can reach our support staff by entering the details of your request on the Help Request Form. We will respond as soon as possible.


Submit a Complaint or Appeal

We are committed to administering our credentialing programs in a fair and impartial manner. Complaints and appeals are often confused, but have specific meanings and requirements under PTCB’s policies. Both complaints and appeals should be submitted through the Help Center.


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