PTCB Credentials

Earn a PTCB credential and build an exciting and rewarding career in healthcare.

Maybe you’re just thinking about becoming a pharmacy technician.
Or maybe you’ve been working in the pharmacy for years.

No matter where you are in your professional journey, PTCB credentials give you a path to build your career and demonstrate your commitment to patient care.  When you choose to earn credentials with PTCB, you are choosing the country’s first and most trusted pharmacy technician credentialing organization. And you’re choosing to invest in the most important factor in your career: YOU.


Certifications assess your mastery of job knowledge. Certifications require continuing education (CE) to keep active, and they award an acronym after your name.

"Find a setting that you develop a passion for. PTCB credentials help you pave the way and give you that edge to show not only passion but in-depth knowledge of subject matters that benefit patients."

-Allison Schearback, CPhT-Adv, CSPT Emeritus (CSPT 2020 – 2023)


PTCB certificate programs evaluate learning outcomes from a PTCB-Recognized Education/Training Program. Certificates do not expire or require CEs, and do not award an acronym after your name.

Billing and Reimbursement

Feature your advanced understanding of third-party payers and reimbursement systems utilized within the pharmacy.

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Controlled Substances Diversion Prevention

Demonstrate your knowledge of controlled substance diversion prevention strategies and DEA requirements.

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Hazardous Drug Management

Highlight your commitment to reducing risk through your enhanced knowledge of guidelines and requirements for safely managing hazardous drugs.

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Immunization Administration

Demonstrate your knowledge of the safe management and delivery of immunizations.

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Medication History

Indicate your advanced knowledge to collect in-depth and accurate medication histories, review prescriptions to confirm dosing accuracy, and complete detailed administrative functions.

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Medication Therapy Management

Confirm your advanced understanding of medication utilization and medication-related issues, prescribing accuracy, patient safety, and the administration of medication therapy management (MTM).

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Nonsterile Compounding

Gain recognition for your knowledge and skill in compounding nonsterile dosage forms.

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Point-of-Care Testing

Showcase your advanced knowledge in the safe and accurate use, collection, and reporting of various point-of-care tests performed in the pharmacy.

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Regulatory Compliance

Showcase your expert knowledge of regulatory compliance, including your understanding of pharmacy laws, regulations, legal requirements, and practice standards.

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Supply Chain and Inventory Management

Highlight your knowledge of supply chain processes and inventory management practices that protect your patients and your pharmacy.

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Technician Product Verification

Demonstrate your skill in safeguarding patients from dispensing errors and express your commitment to excellence as a pharmacy technician.

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