In person testing is offered for all PTCB credentials. Face masks are recommended at all locations. Please check local guidelines for requirements. Learn more.


From the beginning, PTCB was codified by pharmacy organizations who sought a single standard for pharmacy technician credentialing. Our staff, board, and volunteers are actively involved in local and national pharmacy and certification organizations. PTCB is uniquely qualified to respond to pharmacy’s evolving practice with credential programs that support technician careers, assist employers and advance patient care. 


PTCB Staff

Board of Governors

The PTCB Board of Governors is comprised of six members, including PTCB’s Executive Director and CEO William Schimmel, and one representative from each of PTCB’s five governing organizations, listed below:

  • American Pharmacists Association

  • American Society of Health-System Pharmacists

  • Illinois Council of Health-System Pharmacists

  • Michigan Pharmacists Association

  • National Association of Boards of Pharmacy


PTCB’s staff is responsible for establishing and maintaining credentialing programs. We are a highly collaborative team, with experts in test development, psychometrics, certification, and pharmacy working together to deliver excellence in pharmacy technician credentialing.

Certification Council

The Certification Council is an autonomous standing committee of PTCB, led by the Chair, and a President and Vice President chosen from the members annually. The Council is responsible for the establishment and administration of PTCB’s certification programs. The Council currently consists of the following seats:

  1. Chair (NABP CEO, ex officio with vote)

  2. PTCB Executive Director (ex officio without vote)

  3. Health-System Technician

  4. Health-System Pharmacist

  5. Community Pharmacy Technician

  6. Community Pharmacy Pharmacist

  7. Sterile Compounding Technician

  8. Sterile Compounding Pharmacist

  9. Technician at-large

  10. Pharmacist at-large

  11. Technician Educator or Researcher

  12. Public Member


PTCB programs benefit from the expertise of volunteers who assist in writing exam items for our credential programs. If you are interested in participating, learn more about volunteering with PTCB.