Earning and Maintaining PTCB Credentials

Candidate Guidebook

The Candidate Guidebook provides complete and detailed information about PTCB’s Certification Programs, Assessment-Based Certifciate Programs, and policies. Credential candidates are responsible for reviewing the policies and information in the Candidate Guidebook before applying for and earning a credential.

PTCB is dedicated to providing and implementing appropriate standards designed to serve pharmacy technicians, employers, pharmacists, and patients.

Official PTCB Practice Tools

PTCB’s Practice Tools are designed to familiarize candidates with PTCB’s Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE). We offer two unique ways for CPhT candidates to prepare—the PTCE Practice Bank® and the Pre-PTCE®.

Working as a PTCB CPhT

Career Center

Looking for a new opportunity? The PTCB Career Center is a free service that provides access to pharmacy technician employers. Employers can post pharmacy job openings for job seekers to browse and search for available positions based on chosen criteria.

State Regulations and Map

How many PTCB CPhTs are in your state? What are the requirements for technicians in a particular state? The state map and regulations chart is a useful resource that presents snapshots of regulations by state and reflects total numbers of PTCB CPhTs in each territory.

PTCB at Work


PTCB relies on data and findings gathered through research on pharmacy practice to inform our programs and guide updates to our credentials. We conduct independent research to gather data and feedback on topics related to pharmacy technicians, their work, and public perceptions.

Progress Reports

Get the scoop on PTCB: Every year, we publish a report highlighting our accomplishments from the previous year.