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PTCB Partnership Funds Program

Organizations that participate in PTCB’s State Associate Program have an exclusive opportunity to request funds for projects aimed at promoting medication safety and advancing the roles of pharmacy technicians. PTCB offers two funding cycles during each calendar year. Each State Associate may submit one proposal per calendar year.


Applicants must be a current PTCB State Associate and agree to share project information (e.g. progress, success stories) with PTCB staff upon request and provide a summary of project activities to PTCB upon completion. This information may be used in PTCB communications and marketing materials to highlight successful and innovative projects.

Use of Funds

Funds may be used only for direct costs associated with the development and implementation of the project described in the proposal. Salaries and overhead expenses will not be funded. The maximum award for an individual proposal may not exceed $10,000. While there is no time limit on the use of the funds, it is PTCB’s expectation that funds will be used according to the timeline outlined in the project proposal.

Topics of Interest 

The following topics are of particular interest to PTCB. However, all proposals will be given equal consideration. 

  • Immunizations (e.g., influenza vaccine updates, COVID-related topics)
  • Pharmacy Technician-related Research
  • Pharmacy Technician Career Ladders
  • Telepharmacy/Telehealth

Projects intended to prepare pharmacy technicians for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam will not be considered.

Application Process 

The project proposal must be submitted via email to by the deadlines indicated below.


Maximum of two typewritten pages (approximately 1,000 words maximum) addressing each of the following topics:

  • Description of the technician-related project 
  • Significance of project to medication safety
  • Significance of the project to the future of pharmacy technician practice 
  • Project objectives
  • Project timetable
  • Budget (detailed, see below)


Please complete the budget in the table format below and include it in the two-page proposal. Include in the “additional funding source” column any in-kind or matching funds that will be used for the project.

Line Item Total Cost Additional Funding Source

Selection Process

PTCB staff will review submitted project proposals for completeness. Eligible proposals will be reviewed and ranked by a selection committee comprised of PTCB volunteers. Proposals will be ranked based on:

  • Significance of project to medication safety
  • Relevance to advancing the role of pharmacy technicians
  • Clarity of project objectives
  • Budget (complete, reasonable)


Application Cycle Opens September 14, 2020
Proposals Due October 30, 2020
Applicants Notified November 30, 2020


PTCB Grants Funding to State Pharmacy Associations for Technician Leadership Training, Creation of New Roles, and Opioid Education

July 28, 2020

PTCB Grants Funding to State Pharmacy Associations for Technician Leadership Training, Creation of New Roles, and Opioid Education

Mississippi, Oregon, Ohio, and Wisconsin Associations Receive PTCB Project Grants
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