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I want to be a Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT)

Are you ready to move your career forward?

Have you dreamed of growing your career to advance quality patient care and medication safety? By earning your PTCB Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) Certification, you will be valued by pharmacy employers to perform a variety of tasks to support pharmacists and patients. Employers prefer, and many require, their pharmacy technicians be PTCB CPhTs.


Why choose PTCB?

In such a fast-growing field, the PTCB CPhT Certification is a highly valued differentiator. PTCB is the most trusted pharmacy technician credentialing organization and is the only credentialing organization solely dedicated to pharmacy technicians and the support of patient care. PTCB CPhTs can reach higher to pursue more opportunities for career advancement, prestige in the workplace, and personal satisfaction from delivering the highest quality of care. The advantages of PTCB Certification include:

  • Validated achievement and knowledge                                                                     
  • Improved employment opportunities
  • Potential for higher salary
  • Expanded responsibilities
  • Career growth
  • Increased focus on patient safety
  • Prestige among coworkers

What do PTCB Certified Pharmacy Technicians do?

The PTCB CPhT Certification is the technician credential pharmacists trust. With your CPhT credential, you demonstrate your knowledge and commitment in medication safety and effective patient care across pharmacy settings, including community, health-system, ambulatory care, compounded sterile preparation, federal, and others. 

PTCB CPhTs are often responsible for receiving prescription requests, checking medications, labeling bottles, maintaining patient profiles, preparing insurance claims, operating dispensing systems, stocking shelves, and many other roles. The legal scope of practice for CPhTs, however, is defined by individual State Boards of Pharmacy.


“Pharmacy technicians should obtain and maintain their PTCB CPhT Certification throughout their professional career. Once certified, a PTCB CPhT gains flexibility to work anywhere in the US. With this nationally-recognized CPhT Certification, they have the credential they can use in any practice setting within the realm of pharmacy.”

—Tiffany Kofroth, CPhT, CSPT, MD Anderson Cancer Center

How is the role of the PTCB CPhT changing?

As pharmacists become responsible for more direct patient care in settings such as community pharmacy clinics and pharmacy-based immunization programs, PTCB CPhTs are assuming expanded roles that advance their responsibilities. These include reviewing medication histories, technician product verification (TPV), hazardous drug management, billing and reimbursement, immunization assistance, supply chain management, financial assistance, medication therapy management, patient care transitions, training, leadership, and supervisory roles.

How can CPhTs build their careers with PTCB’s Credentials?

Once you earn your PTCB CPhT credential, you can advance in your career with PTCB’s Assessment-Based Certificates in such areas as Medication History and Technician Product Verification (TPV). PTCB offers the Compounded Sterile Preparation Technician™ (CSPT™) Certification to qualified PTCB CPhTs who are responsible for preparing medications and products using sterile techniques. 

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