Renewal Requirements

PTCB requires CPhTs to complete Continuing Education (CE) to keep their CPhT, CSPT® and CPhT-Adv Certifications active. CPhT and CPhT-Adv recertification is required every two years, while CSPT recertification is required every year. Pharmacy technicians who earn CE stay up to date on the latest in pharmacy practice, expand their knowledge, and advance their professional growth.

CE Requirements




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Recertification and Reinstatement Fees

CPhT and CPhT-Adv Recertification Fee: $55

CPhT and CPhT-Adv Reinstatement Fee: $95

CSPT Recertification Fee: $20

CSPT Reinstatement Fee: $40


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Find CE Programs and Courses

Pharmacy technicians can find many providers offering continuing education opportunities, both online and in-person. In your search, be sure to check with your employer to see what CE they may offer. PTCB’s CE Directory allows technicians to quickly find CE programs and complete CE more easily. All CE programs listed in the directory are ACPE-accredited.