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We continually work to bring pharmacy technicians opportunities for savings whenever possible. We are pleased to offer the following savings for those who enroll in education/training at the same time as their PTCB credential. 

ASHP/PTCB Compounded Sterile Preparation Savings Bundle

Pharmacy technicians who enroll in ASHP’S Sterile Product Preparation Certificate Program and complete PTCB’s Compounded Sterile Preparation Technician® (CSPT® ) Certification save $219 and receive a one-year ASHP technician membership.

The ASHP Sterile Product Preparation Certificate is a first step for technicians earning PTCB CSPT Certification.

$395   ASHP Sterile Product Preparation Certificate SAVE $150 off non-member fee
$0 PTCB CSPT Application fee SAVE $50 
+$130 PTCB CSPT Exam fee SAVE $19
 $525 Total SAVE $219

About ASHP’s Sterile Product Preparation Certificate

ASHP’s Sterile Product Preparation Certificate is a PTCB-Recognized Education/Training Program and meets one of the prerequisites for earning the PTCB CSPT Certification. 

  • Covers all current and proposed USP <797> and <800> guidance 
  • Earn 29 hours of CE from 14 modules 
  • Learn in manageable segments online 
  • Complete an exam and video demonstrations to earn 

About PTCB’s CSPT Certification

PTCB’s CSPT Certification offers the highest level of certification excellence for technicians working in sterile compounding. 

  • Demonstrates specialized knowledge of technicians 
  • Recognizes achievement and builds technician career ladders 
  • Reinforces commitment to medication safety
  • Maintain competence with CE

Employers interested in using Direct Billing to pay technician fees can submit a Help Center request to get started.




Log into your PTCB Account and find the bundle in the Credential Center.