PTCB Awards Funds for Pharmacy Technician Training and Advancement Across the Country

Recipients Include State Associations in Hawaii, Iowa, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas and Washington

December 12, 2023

Washington, D.C. —  PTCB, the nation’s first and most-trusted pharmacy technician credentialing organization, has announced the most recent recipients of the Partnership Funds Program. Initiated in 2019, this program aids the efforts of state pharmacy associations that are dedicated to acknowledging the contributions of pharmacy technicians, fostering medication safety, and advancing the roles of these professionals. The recently-awarded grants will offer crucial support for innovative projects aimed at addressing pressing needs within the pharmacy technician profession.

The recipients of the most recent grants are the Hawaii Pharmacists Association (HPhA), Iowa Pharmacy Association (IPA), the New Jersey Society of Health-System Pharmacists (NJSHP), Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association (PPA), Tennessee Pharmacists Association (TPA), Texas Pharmacy Association (TPA), and the Washington State Pharmacy Association (WSPA). 

"These funds underscore our commitment to driving positive change in the pharmacy technician profession,” said Ryan Burke, PharmD, Senior Director of Professional Affairs at PTCB, who oversees the program. “By supporting these projects that are closely tied to current initiatives in pharmacy practice, we are actively contributing to the evolution and growth of pharmacy technicians, and ultimately improving patient care and outcomes."

The Hawaii Pharmacists Association (HPhA) will undertake the Pharmacy Technician Advancement and Recruitment (PTAR) project. PTAR aims to advocate for pharmacy technician recruitment and provide education sessions addressing workforce needs, work environment conditions, and career opportunities. The initiative will involve engagement with local pharmacies and healthcare organizations, supplemented by the creation of a comprehensive resource guide. The project is slated for completion by the end of 2024.

The Iowa Pharmacy Association (IPA) is set to launch "Charting a Pathway Forward: Career Development for Pharmacy Technicians." This project focuses on supporting the growth and sustainability of the pharmacy technician workforce, emphasizing role advancement and responsibilities. IPA will create a Pharmacy Technician Career Guidebook and host Idea Sharing Symposiums with technicians, employers and others to foster collaboration and idea generation. The project is expected to conclude by October 2024.

The New Jersey Society of Health-System Pharmacists (NJSHP) will provide education and training to health system pharmacy technicians related to sterile compounding, non-sterile compounding and hazardous drug compounding, in particular with regard to the updated USP 795 and 797 chapters, and key considerations in the USP 800 chapter. This initiative will include in-person workshops and on-demand recordings, with a workshop scheduled for January 2024.

The Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association (PPA) will embark on the "Community Health Worker (CHW) Expansion in the Community Pharmacy Enhanced Service Network (CPESN)" project, focusing on improving access and promoting safe and effective medication use through specially trained pharmacy technicians. The project will support the completion of a 16-week CHW training by pharmacy technicians at five identified pharmacies, with completion anticipated by mid-2024.

The Tennessee Pharmacists Association (TPA) is also engaged in Community Health Worker training, offering scholarships for up to 40 pharmacy technicians. This initiative aims to bridge the gap between pharmacy technician expertise and community health empowerment, with the training provided through online CHW courses. Completion is expected by the end of 2024.

The training of Community Health Workers will also be the focus of the Texas Pharmacy Association (TPA). The organization will introduce a CHW training program for up to 30 pharmacy technicians. This program aims to cultivate the dual role of pharmacy technician/CHW, demonstrating the positive impact they can have on patient outcomes. Completion is anticipated by the end of 2025.

And finally, the Washington State Pharmacy Association (WSPA) will implement a Technician Product Verification (TPV) project, advocating for the expansion of pharmacy technicians' roles in community pharmacy practice. The project will include a toolkit, a TPV PTCB-Recognized Education/Training Program, and a poster presentation at the WSPA Annual Meeting. Completion is targeted for the end of 2024.

These Partnership Fund Grants exemplify PTCB's dedication to advancing pharmacy technician roles and fostering innovation within the profession. By supporting these projects, PTCB aims to strengthen the pharmacy workforce and improve patient outcomes nationwide.



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