DEI Commitment

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

PTCB understands that health inequity is pervasive across race, gender, sexuality, age, and income. Whether it is intentional or unintentional, discrimination affects the health and well-being of many individuals and communities. Through our people, programs, values and priorities, PTCB supports the integral role of the pharmacy in our country’s healthcare system. Creating an environment that encourages health equity, and where diversity and inclusion thrive, is critical to fulfilling our purpose.

Healthcare organizations like ours have a growing responsibility to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts for the communities we serve and our employees and volunteers. PTCB hires great people from a wide variety of backgrounds, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because we believe our staff and volunteers should reflect the diversity of PTCB’s community. We seek team members from a wide range of ages, gender identities, orientations, geographies, ethnicities, and experiences to join our team. By fostering an equitable and inclusive environment for our staff and volunteers, and upholding our commitment to patient safety, we fulfill our organization’s mission and help to advance inclusion within the pharmacy community.

At PTCB, we believe that addressing inequities is an essential part of our mission to advance patient  safety. PTCB took significant steps to expand our DEI efforts by activating three internal task forces to review our policies and procedures, ensure that they align with our mission and honor our core values, and implement them throughout the organization. Our HR and Internal Policies; Test Development, Operations, and Customer Service; and Vendor Review task forces identified several improvement initiatives, and their work to implement them has positively impacted our culture and mission.
PTCB’s DEI work is ongoing, and progress on our DEI journey includes:

  • Examining our hiring procedures to ensure that we have a representative pool of applicants.

  • Hiring team members from a wide range of ages, gender identities, orientations, geographies, ethnicities, and experiences.

  • Increasing transparency of our compensation policy with staff.

  • Intentionally using more inclusive language in our job postings, career ladders, employee handbook, website, and portal.

  • Facilitating brave space conversation sessions with staff on topics such as allyship and moving from bias to inclusion. 

  • Updating policies and procedures for assessments, customers, stakeholders, and volunteers through the lens of DEI.

  • Increasing the diversity of PTCB volunteers through new recruitment strategies. 

  • Surveying CPhTs about DEI in their pharmacies

  • Reviewing goals and activities with PTCB’s current and future vendors to ensure that our joint efforts are aligned with our shared DEI values.


"It’s important to treat all patient interactions as personal; everyone is a person, not a number, and certainly not..."

Jeffrey Samuelson, CPhT-Adv