Tech Trek Navigator: Mika Stilwell, CPhT-Adv, CSPT

Mika works in a home infusion pharmacy, focusing on holistic patient care. She loves her work and hopes to move into a leadership role. Her advice to other pharmacy technicians includes, “If you've only worked in retail but want to gain experience in IV compounding, go for it!”

Tell us about your career goals.

I became a pharmacy technician to help patients in what I thought would be a hands-off way. Through my pharmacy career, I have learned that pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are integral to providing WHOLE patient care. I love working in home infusion pharmacy and following chronic illness patients on their journeys. In the future, I hope to be a member of leadership at a home infusion pharmacy that provides care for the whole patient and fosters an environment that centers around the patient's experience.

What would you tell other pharmacy technicians interested in home infusion?

Home Infusion is an extremely fulfilling niche of pharmacy! There will be many opportunities to learn and advance your knowledge. My advice to anybody interested in working in home infusion is to buckle up. No day is the same as the last but the knowledge you gain and the relationships you build with the patients are more than worth it!

How have PTCB’s certificates helped you along your career path, or how will they help you in the future?

The certificates provided by PTCB have not only helped me demonstrate my knowledge in certain aspects of pharmacy, but they have also encouraged me to branch out and expand my skill set. I was fortunate to have an employer that provided financial assistance to obtain my certificates—and invested in not only me as an employee but in my future as well.

What advice would you give to pharmacy technicians as they explore their own unique career paths?

My advice would be to not limit yourself! If you've only worked in retail but want to gain experience in IV compounding, go for it! Demonstrating to yourself that you have gained or expanded your knowledge in several different aspects of pharmacy is a tangible way to show how important being a pharmacy technician is for you.



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