Tech Trek Navigator: Glen Gard, CPhT-Adv, CSPT

Glen Gard is the first pharmacy technician to serve on the Illinois Board of Pharmacy. He’s been a certified pharmacy technician for over 10 years and is passionate about achieving higher quality patient care, as well as advancing the pharmacy technician practice. The person who had the most influence on his career was his mother, a nurse, who steered him towards the pharmacy profession.

How did you come to serve on the Illinois Board of Pharmacy?

I was very excited and honored to have been selected as the first pharmacy technician to serve on the state of Illinois Board of Pharmacy. To join the board I reached out to individuals at pharmacy organizations such as the PTCB who I’ve worked with on advancing my goals of achieving higher quality patient care as well as advancing the pharmacy technician practice. They sent letters to the governor of Illinois recommending my appointment to the board.

How did you decide to become a pharmacy technician?

My mother, who was a nurse, encouraged me to pursue a healthcare career. She connected me to the director of pharmacy at her hospital. I started as a volunteer and it turned into a full-time position. I grew to love working in the pharmacy, specifically in administrative and operations functions. I found I could really help patients and ensure they had quality care, by using my skills and knowledge to keep the pharmacy operating at higher standards, as well as by developing a well-trained pharmacy team.

How did you advance in your career, and how did PTCB credentials help you achieve your goals?

I was fortunate enough to have mentors and leaders who pushed me to pursue ever more advanced roles in pharmacy. My first big step was when the director of my health system encouraged me to obtain my CPhT. That set me on my journey. It allowed me to move up to the Pharmacy Technician 2 role and take on additional duties. That journey has continued since then. I earned a variety of PTCB certificates as well as my CSPT and ultimately my CPhT-Adv credential. Those certificates and credentials have demonstrated to the world, my employers, and patients that I am dedicated to this career and it shows my commitment to patient quality.

What advice would you give to other pharmacy technicians?

The advice I always give to new pharmacy technicians is, within reason, to always say yes to growth or learning opportunities. When others take the time to share knowledge, you should listen. Learning from another’s experience is a remarkable opportunity and will make you a stronger and more empathetic person. Additionally, I encourage people to never be afraid to ask, “Why?”

Which PTCB credentials are your favorites?

In addition to my CSPT credential, it’s the Hazardous Drug Management Certificate—I was on the team that helped develop both. Compounding is something I’m passionate about for a variety of reasons, and have never forgotten the responsibility that comes with it.



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