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Credentialing Guidelines and Requirements

A Candidate Guidebook


Failure to Recertify

PTCB Certificants who fail to recertify by midnight Eastern Time of their certification expiration date are no longer considered certified by PTCB and must immediately cease using their PTCB certification designation(s) and credential(s). A pharmacy technician whose certification has expired may apply for reinstatement within one year. A loss of PTCB CPhT Certification due to failure to recertify, revocation, or any other reason will result in loss of CSPT® Certification.

Applying for Reinstatement

Former CPhTs who wish to reinstate can apply online from within their PTCB Account. Reinstatement applications are processed in the same manner as recertification. In addition to completing the continuing education (CE) required for recertification, CPhT reinstatement candidates must complete one additional CE hour in pharmacy law. Expired dual certification holders who wish to reinstate their CSPT® certification must first reinstate their CPhT credential. Reinstated certificants will be granted the remaining balance of their recertification cycle.

After 30 days, incomplete reinstatement applications (lack of payment, failure to submit application corrections, etc.) will be not be processed and the technician will forfeit any fees paid. The reinstatement applicant will need to log into their PTCB Account and reapply before their reinstatement expiration.

Failure to Reinstate

Former certificant holders who do not reinstate must apply and meet the current eligibility requirements for obtaining PTCB Certification. No special permission is required to retest unless a former CPhT has reached the retake limit.