Credentialing Guidelines and Requirements

A Candidate Guidebook


CSPT Exam Medications List



acetaminophen injection

acetazolamide sodium injection

acetic acid irrigant

acetylcysteine injection

acyclovir sodium injection


adenosine injection

albumin human injection

allopurinol injection


alteplase recombinant injection

amikacin sulfate injection

amino acid injection (general formulations)

aminophylline (theophylline ethylenediamine) injection

amiodarone HCl injection

amphotericin B cholesteryl sulfate complex

amphotericin B deoxycholate injection

amphotericin B lipid complex

amphotericin B liposome

ampicillin injection

ampicillin sodium/sulbactam sodium injection

antithymocyte globulin (rabbit) injection

argatroban injection

asparaginase injection

atracurium besylate injection

atropine sulfate injection

azathioprine sodium injection

azithromycin injection

aztreonam injection

bendamustine HCl injection

betamethasone sodium phosphate/betamethasone acetate injection

bevacizumab injection

bivalirudin injection

bleomycin sulfate injection

bupivacaine injection (HCl and liposomal)




calcium chloride injection

calcium gluconate injection

carbamazepine injection

carboplatin injection

caspofungin acetate injection

cefazolin sodium injection

cefepime HCl injection

cefotaxime sodium injection

cefotetan disodium injection

cefoxitin sodium injection

ceftazidime injection

ceftriaxone sodium injection

cefuroxime sodium injection

chloramphenicol sodium succinate injection

chlorpromazine HCl injection

ciprofloxacin injection

cisplatin injection

clindamycin phosphate injection

cyclophosphamide injection

cyclosporine injection

cytarabine injection (conventional and liposomal)

dacarbazine injection

dactinomycin injection

daptomycin injection

daunorubicin citrate liposomal injection

daunorubicin HCl injection

deferoxamine mesylate injection

dexamethasone sodium phosphate injection

dexmedetomidine HCl injection

dextrose injection

diazepam injection

digoxin injection

dihydroergotamine mesylate injection

diltiazem HCl injection

dimercaprol injection

diphenhydramine HCl injection

dobutamine HCl injection

docetaxel injection

dopamine HCl injection

doxorubicin HCl injection (conventional and liposomal)

doxycycline hyclate injection




enalaprilat injection

enoxaparin sodium injection

ephedrine sulfate injection

epinephrine injection

epoetin alfa recombinant (erythropoietin) injection

epoprostenol sodium injection

eptifibatide injection

ertapenem sodium injection

estradiol cypionate injection

etoposide injection


famotidine injection

fat emulsion intravenous

fentanyl citrate injection

filgrastim injection

fluconazole injection

fludarabine phosphate injection

flumazenil injection

fluorouracil injection

fluphenazine injection

folic acid injection

fomepizole injection

fondaparinux sodium injection

foscarnet sodium injection

fosphenytoin sodium injection

furosemide injection



gadoterate meglumine injection

ganciclovir sodium injection

gemcitabine HCl injection

gentamicin sulfate injection

glucagon injection


haloperidol decanoate injection

haloperidol lactate injection

heparin sodium injection

hydralazine HCl injection

hydrocortisone sodium succinate injection

hydromorphone HCl injection

hydroxocobalamin injection



ibuprofen injection

ifosfamide injection

imipenem/cilastatin sodium injection

infliximab injection

insulin aspart

insulin degludec

insulin degludec and aspart

insulin detemir

insulin glargine

insulin glulisine

insulin isophane (NPH)

insulin isophane (NPH) and regular

insulin lispro

insulin regular

interferon alfa-2b

interferon alfa-n3

iohexol injection

irinotecan injection (HCl and liposomal)

iron dextran injection

isoniazid injection

isoproterenol HCl injection

ketamine HCl injection

ketorolac tromethamine injection




labetalol HCl injection

leucovorin calcium injection

leuprolide acetate injection

levofloxacin injection

levothyroxine sodium injection

lidocaine HCl injection

lidocaine HCl/epinephrine injection

lorazepam injection


magnesium sulfate injection

mannitol injection

medroxyprogesterone acetate injection

meperidine HCl injection

meropenem injection

methadone HCl injection

methotrexate injection

methyldopate HCl injection

methylene blue injection

methylprednisolone acetate injection

metoclopramide HCl injection

metoprolol tartrate injection

metronidazole injection

midazolam HCl injection

milrinone lactate injection

morphine injection (sulfate and liposomal)

moxifloxacin HCl injection

multivitamins parenteral (MVI)

mycophenolate mofetil HCl injection



nafcillin sodium injection

naloxone HCl injection

natalizumab injection

neostigmine methylsulfate injection

nitroglycerin injection

nitroprusside sodium injection

norepinephrine bitartrate injection

octreotide acetate injection

ondansetron HCl injection

oxacillin sodium injection

oxaliplatin injection

oxytocin injection




paclitaxel injection (conventional and protein-bound)

pancuronium bromide injection

pantoprazole sodium injection

pegaspargase injection

peginterferon alfa-2a

peginterferon alfa-2b

penicillin G benzathine

penicillin G potassium

penicillin G procaine

pentobarbital sodium injection

pentostatin injection

phenobarbital sodium injection

phenylephrine HCl injection

phenytoin sodium injection

phytonadione (vitamin K) injection

piperacillin sodium/tazobactam sodium injection

potassium acetate injection

potassium chloride injection

potassium phosphate injection

procainamide HCl injection

prochlorperazine edisylate injection

progesterone injection

promethazine HCl injection

propofol injection

propranolol HCl injection

protamine sulfate injection

pyridostigmine bromide injection

quinupristin/dalfopristin injection




ranitidine injection

reteplase recombinant injection

rifampin injection

risperidone injection

rituximab injection

rocuronium bromide injection


scopolamine (hyoscine) hydrobromide injection

sodium acetate injection

sodium chloride injection

sodium ferric gluconate complex injection

sodium lactate injection

sodium nitrate/sodium thiosulfate injection

sodium phosphate injection

succinylcholine chloride injection

sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim injection



tacrolimus injection

tenecteplase recombinant injection

testosterone injection

theophylline injection

tobramycin injection

trace elements combinations injection

tranexamic acid injection

trastuzumab injection

tuberculin purified protein derivative injection

valproate sodium injection

vancomycin HCl injection

vasopressin injection

vecuronium bromide injection

verapamil HCl injection

vinblastine sulfate injection

vincristine sulfate injection (and liposome)

vinorelbine tartrate injection

voriconazole injection



warfarin sodium injection

zinc sulfate injection

ziprasidone mesylate injection


Italicized drugs are included on ISMP’s List of High-Alert Medications in Acute Care, Community and Ambulatory Healthcare, and Long-Term Care (LTC) Settings.