Credentialing Guidelines and Requirements

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CPhT Emeritus Status Policy


1. Emeritus Status. PTCB permits eligible, inactive certificants, who are no longer practicing pharmacy technicians, to request Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) Emeritus Status. Emeritus Status allows inactive and retired certificants to maintain a status of professional distinction. The Emeritus Status designation represents that the former certificants are not actively working as PTCB Certified Pharmacy Technicians. The designation is not a credential for practice. 

2. Emeritus Status Eligibility. A certificant in good standing is eligible for Emeritus Status if: the CPhT has been certified by PTCB for at least ten (10) years; the CPhT is no longer practicing as a pharmacy technician; the CPhT is not currently employed as a pharmacy technician; and, the CPhT otherwise satisfies all applicable PTCB policies and requirements.

3. Emeritus Status Requirements And Fees. Certificants granted Emeritus Status are not required to satisfy PTCB recertification requirements, including continuing education (CE) credit rules, or to pay certification renewal fees. An Emeritus Status applicant is required to pay the current Emeritus application fee, and, upon approval, a one-time Emeritus Status fee.

4. Emeritus Status Recognition And Program Participation. Certificants granted Emeritus Status will be recognized in the PTCB directory of inactive certificants, and will be entitled to participate in PTCB Certification Program activities.

5. Emeritus Status Designation And Marks. Certificants granted Emeritus Status will be permitted to use the PTCB Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) Emeritus Status designation and trademarks, in both word and design formats. The PTCB CPhT Emeritus Status designation and marks may be displayed on a former certificant’s resume and similar materials, so long as the years of active PTCB certification are identified with the designation.

Example of proper use of Emeritus Status designation:

Joanne Smith

PTCB CPhT Emeritus (CPhT 2000-2010)

Certificants granted Emeritus Status are not permitted to display or otherwise use the PTCB Certified Pharmacy Technician and CPhT credentials and certification marks unless they have qualified for active PTCB certification status consistent with all PTCB policies and requirements.

6. Additional Emeritus Status Policy Requirements. Certificants granted Emeritus Status must abide by the PTCB Code of Ethics and other applicable PTCB policies in order to maintain Emeritus Status. Failure to comply with such policies and rules may result in sanctions and corrective actions, including the loss of Emeritus Status.

7. Return to Active Certification Status. Certificants granted Emeritus Status, who return to active pharmacy technician activities and wish to use the CPhT credential in conjunction with such work, must do one of the following.

a. Emeritus Status CPhTs, who are within the certification expiration date that was in effect at the time of status change, may have their CPhT status reactivated by petitioning PTCB in writing.

b. Emeritus Status CPhTs who are within the reinstatement period that was in effect at the time of the status change, must seek reinstatement according to PTCB policies, including completing the requisite continuing education, applying for reinstatement, and paying all applicable fees.

c. Emeritus Status CPhTs who are outside of the reinstatement period that was in effect at the time of the status change, must pass the current Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam® (PTCE®), in addition to completing all other certification requirements.