Credentialing Guidelines and Requirements

A Candidate Guidebook


Reconsideration Policy

A written request must be submitted to the PTCB Help Center and addressed to the PTCB Executive Director & CEO within 30 days of the date of the notification of the denial determination of credential eligibility, recertification, or reinstatement. The written request must include the date of determination, details of the denial, the reason or extenuating circumstances applicable to the request (including relevant supporting materials not previously submitted), and the individual’s email address and phone number at which the individual can be reached. PTCB’s exam eligibility, recertification, and reinstatement requirements or policies are not subject to reconsideration.

The request will be reviewed by the PTCB Executive Director & CEO, who will review any additional information provided by the person requesting reconsideration that is relevant to the reconsideration request. PTCB will notify the individual of the decision within five (5) business days of the final determination. The PTCB Executive Director & CEO may affirm, modify, or reverse the initial denial of eligibility, recertification, or reinstatement determination made by staff. Notification of the decision will include an explanation of the basis for the decision. The PTCB Executive Director & CEO’s decision on the request will be final and binding.