Tech Trek Navigator: Emily Smith, CPhT

Emily Smith works in supply chain management and loves to save money for her hospital whenever possible without compromising patient care. She is one certificate away from earning her CPhT-Adv credential and looks forward to an even larger role in purchasing soon.

How did you get into your Supply Chain Management role?

I was working in retail and moved to a position at a small hospital in my area. I was interested in supply chain management, and the pharmacy manager asked me to be the buyer—for the drugs we used as well as for office supplies and things to keep the pharmacy running on a day-to-day basis. Then we merged with a major academic hospital and I was asked to be the backup buyer for that hospital. I now am included in all our buyer committees, participate in our medication shortage huddles, and more. When we merged I gained more responsibilities and was able to see purchasing on a larger scale.

What do you like about your supply chain management role?

What I love most about supply chain management is being able to save money for my organization, whether by purchasing a generic equivalent of a drug that costs a lot of money or procuring a different product for the same reason. As long as we can still treat the patient safely and effectively, I love saving money.

How do PTCB credentials help you achieve your career goals?

My hospital recently installed a Technician Advancement Pathway (TAP) program, so the PTCB credentials I earn will allow me to advance to the top of that program. I need my CPhT-Adv credential to become a pharmacy technician specialist here. I’m one certificate away, then I can hopefully take on a larger role in purchasing here. I really want to advance using the certifications I’ve earned through PTCB.



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