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Chaos, Criticism and Challenges

"We have put ourselves and families at risk, and rely on each other a great deal more than before COVID-19..."

May 19, 2020

“I have been a licensed Pharmacy Technician for over 20 years, both in a retail and hospital setting. I enjoy working in the pharmacy setting and am looking forward to life getting back to some form of normalcy before COVID-19 arrived. However, the last couple of months have been such a challenge to provide the services and care that we need to. 

The phone calls have tripled in number due to the closure to the public guidelines. There have been plexiglass windows installed throughout the hospital with a small opening at bottom to interact with others; which has made moving medications within the hospital a challenge. No one is allowed to be within a certain distance of each other and there are check ins before shifts to ensure employees can work. 

I can say that this has been both a scary time and informative time. I have learned that I can not believe everything I hear or see and that my work life environment before COVID-19 was so much better. However, the people I have worked with have been the same group since the beginning of the pandemic. We have endured much chaos, criticism, challenges, having to make quick decisions with little information, put ourselves and families at risk, and rely on each other a great deal more than before COVID-19. I recommend staying safe and following guidelines. Wash hands and wear masks. Thank you.”

-Kimberly Cardwell, CPhT

Senior Pharmacy Technician, UT-College of Veterinary Medicine Pharmacy, Knoxville, KS