Tech Trek Navigator: Stephanie Nehls, CPhT

Stephanie Nehls has been a pharmacy technician for several years and became PTCB-certified four years ago. She currently leads an RDS (remote dispensing site) in a small rural town. She loves what she does and is considering building upon her pharmacy technician experience to become an RN.

What is unique about your role?

I run an RDS (remote dispensing site) alone in a small rural town. I am flying solo. I do all telehealth—prescription verification is done via pictures and submitted to my pharmacists who are based out of a different city. To give you a sense of its size, my graduating high school class was 31 kids. That’s what this area has moved to—honing in on that technology. 

How do you integrate being a mom and working full time?

I definitely believe the saying to leave work at work and home at home, though it’s difficult when the kids’ school calls. I am very assertive and stick tightly to my children coming first and work coming semi-second. If there is something my children need, I make it work. I love my job and the organization that I work for—I have zero to complain about. It’s hard but doable.

What advice do you have for other pharmacy technicians considering a role in regulatory compliance?

Do it. It’s worth it. If you have the attention to detail, want to see how more things work, and go outside of your regular pharmacy duties, do it. I love it. It’s rewarding. It’s interesting how things work—how all the different pieces flow together. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll learn that you didn’t even know existed.



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