Rhea Elizabeth Angeles, PharmD and Former CPhT, Joins PTCB as Executive Fellow

August 6, 2020

PTCB welcomed Rhea Elizabeth Angeles, PharmD, to our staff on August 3 as Executive Fellow through June 2021. A former PTCB-Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT), Angeles is a pharmacist who earned her PharmD degree in May from Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia.

“I know from my experience as a CPhT that pharmacy technicians are highly qualified to support pharmacists and patient care teams in all health care practice settings by providing optimal patient care to assure medication safety,” she said. “As the Executive Fellow with PTCB, I look forward to advocating for pharmacy technicians, advancing their roles in health care, and incorporating my leadership abilities to assess methods to include pharmacy technicians in interprofessional health care teams.

“I hope to make lifelong connections with PTCB individuals so I can have an impact on the pharmacy technician community,” she said. “I plan to apply the knowledge I gain at PTCB to wherever my career path may lead and be a champion for PTCB and pharmacy technicians.”

During her fellowship, Angeles will receive specialized training in PTCB’s credential programs, outreach activities with PTCB stakeholders, and the expanding roles and responsibilities fulfilled by today’s pharmacy technicians. 

Angeles has 10 years of experience in retail pharmacy. Her interests include helping patients avoid unnecessary medication therapy and adverse effects, and expand their understanding of such diseases as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, HIV/AIDS, STDs, and reproductive disorders. 

She enjoys traveling, trying new foods, and exploring different essential oils.