Recertification Updates

December 2, 2020

What’s changed?

Recertifying CPhTs will notice a few tweaks in the recertification application process. Here’s what’s different:

  • P-specific continuing education (CE) hours: PTCB now accepts up to 5 CE hours with the target audience designation ‘P’ (pharmacist-specific or ‘P-specific’) from ACPE-accredited providers to count toward the required 20 CE hours. This change gives CPhTs more flexibility when selecting CE and supports the work CPhTs are already doing.  

  • Mandatory NABP e-profile: As we announced in 2018, CPhTs are required to create an NABP e-profile ID and set up their NABP CPE Monitor account in order to recertify. Applicants who have not done so will be unable to submit their renewal application until they visit and create their e-profile. After creating their e-profile, they can return to to recertify. Applicants must check that their CE hours are recorded correctly in CPE Monitor. 

  • Proof of completion of CE hours entered manually: Applicants earning CE hours from non-accredited CE providers must manually enter these CE hours and are required to upload documentation of CE completion to their application. CPhTs who have tracked all their completed CE hours in CPE Monitor do not need to enter their CEs on the PTCB application or submit documentation.