PTCB Welcomes Ariel Lyn Clark, PharmD, as Executive Fellow

August 26, 2021

PTCB is pleased to welcome Ariel Lyn Clark, PharmD, as Executive Fellow through June 2022. A former PTCB-Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT), Clark completed her PharmD degree in May from the University of Minnesota, Duluth. She has more than 10 years of experience working in community and long-term care pharmacy.

“I had the privilege of working with committed and talented technicians during my career in pharmacy, and I know, from my first-hand experience, how vital pharmacy technicians are to ensuring patients receive the best care possible,” Clark said. “As the PTCB Executive Fellow, I hope to continue to advocate for technicians and their critical role in patient care.” 

“My goal is to meet patients where they are in their health journey and help them navigate the complexities of their care,” she said. “This fellowship is a great opportunity to continue to develop my leadership skills so I can effectively support technicians as my career continues to move forward.”

During her fellowship, Clark will receive specialized training in PTCB’s credential programs, outreach activities with PTCB stakeholders, and the expanding roles and responsibilities fulfilled by technicians. She says she hopes to take her new knowledge to her next professional work experience and be a champion for pharmacy technicians.

She enjoys reading, hiking, bowling, and traveling.