PTCB Launches PTCB Community, an Open Social Platform To Unite and Support Pharmacy Technicians

July 7, 2020

PTCB has launched PTCB Community, a brand-new free social platform for discussion, inspiration, and resources related to pharmacy technicians and their career paths. 

PTCB Community offers users multiple ways to connect with others:

  • Groups: Participants can choose to join groups focused on areas of interest, including pharmacy technician roles, pharmacy settings, educators, employers, and more.
  • Topics: Users can select designated topics of interest and tag posts with corresponding topics, for example exam preparation, COVID-19, CPhT-Adv, credential renewal, sterile compounding, and more.
  • Reputation: Those who join can earn reputation points based on activity. Every time another user finds content useful and likes it, the person who posted earns points. 

PTCB invites users to share a wide variety of content, such as successes and challenges, changing activity and practices in the pharmacy, and what is working or not working. Users may want to share studies, research, and resources, offer help and suggestions, ask for help, or post news and new ideas. 

PTCB hopes users will find value in interacting with pharmacy technicians, educators, employers, and others in a unique community created specifically to support the technicians and stakeholders, and bring us all closer together. 

Join the conversation and be part of what’s next on PTCB Community.
PTCB invites anyone and everyone interested to join.


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