PTCB Conversations: [VIDEO] Meet Christa and Rachel, Pharmacy Technicians on PTCB’s Staff

October 28, 2020

Tune in for the second video in a series of conversations with members of the pharmacy community. We share stories, ideas and more as we chat with pharmacy technicians, pharmacists and others who each have a story to tell. 

At PTCB, we are proud to have pharmacy technicians on staff working to support our mission of advancing medication safety. In honor of Pharmacy Month, we sat down with pharmacy technicians who are part of PTCB’s team.

This week, join Kelsey Ohleger, Marketing Manager, for a casual conversation with Senior Assessment Content Developer Rachel Seiderman and Assessment Content Developer Christa Clay.

Learn about Rachel and Christa’s work with PTCB volunteers, their advice for current pharmacy technicians, and their favorite new credentials for pharmacy technicians.

Keep watching for rapid-fire questions at the end! Hear Christa’s unpopular opinion on the scent of Benicar and why Rachel thinks a panda is the perfect mascot for PTCB.

Watch our previous video with CPhTs Zachary and Verdina to get to know two more PTCB staff pharmacy technicians.


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