PTCB Conversations: [VIDEO] CPhTs Get Candid

June 14, 2021

Join PTCB Executive Fellow Rhea Elizabeth Angeles, PharmD, for an uncensored conversation with Corina Rosso, CPhT, and Roshell Wallace, CPhT, about the joys and frustrations of working in the pharmacy during the pandemic, their advice for current pharmacy technicians, their own career paths, and the most rewarding aspects of their jobs.

Rhea is a former PTCB CPhT who met Corina and Roshell while completing her pharmacy practice experience in Williamsburg, Virginia. Rhea earned her PharmD degree in May 2020 from Hampton University.

Keep watching for rapid-fire questions at the end! Hear why Corina compares CPhTs to cats with nine lives and why Roshell thinks PTCB has evolved from a Honda to a Hummer.


Can't see the video? Click here.