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ICE Launches First Certification Program for Credentialing Professionals

June 10, 2022

At PTCB, we often hear success stories about how our credentials enable technicians to work more efficiently with pharmacists to provide safe, effective patient care. PTCB credentials also offer opportunities for you to advance in the pharmacy technician field and build rewarding careers in healthcare.

We know that our credentials help employers identify qualified people and can open doors in your career. But how do you know that skilled professionals who understand your industry developed your credentialing exams? Experts carefully design PTCB’s comprehensive credential programs to put patient safety at the center and ensure that our exams accurately assess mastery of relevant knowledge. PTCB exams go through an extensive development process led by staff with expertise in testing. Test design and development are an essential part of PTCB’s credentialing process. Now, PTCB test makers are getting a credential of their own.

“At PTCB, we hire qualified people to do the job, and this certification is a testament to that. We always strive to do better and improve ourselves professionally–just as we know pharmacy technicians do, too,” said Tina Chang, Director of Test Development, for over six years at PTCB.

The Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE) has launched a first-of-its-kind certification program for credentialing professionals. The I.C.E. Certified Credentialing Professional (ICE-CCP) allows credentialing professionals to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and abilities in governance, program operations, and assessment development and validation. PTCB is proud to have two of our own earn the new ICE-CCP certification: Tina Chang and Levi Boren. Both volunteered for the pilot group, working on different phases of the initial project and utilizing their expertise to make the ICE-CCP certification well-rounded and effective.

“Tina and I are happy to be a part of this first wave. It’s gratifying to work with another organization that values excellence in the credentialing process,” said Levi Boren, Ph.D., Senior Director of Certification Programs at PTCB. “Earning this certification is a story of living best practices. We subject ourselves to the same processes, i.e., certification, because we believe it is the best way to show the importance of our work.”

Credentialing is a powerful tool for validating expertise, and the new ICE-CCP certification signifies that PTCB’s Test Development staff meets the gold standard for best practices in the credentialing industry.