Tech Trek Navigator: Na'Velle Lee, CPhT-Adv

Since starting his tech trek in 2006, Na’Velle has been on the move. In his current pharmacy management role, he helps with prior authorizations and financial assistance so patients can get their medications at little to no cost. He’s also mentoring new pharmacy technicians. His service to patients and other technicians already makes him a celebrity to us, but Na'Velle made an official red-carpet appearance at The Young and the Restless 50th Anniversary Celebration event.

Tell us about your career path and goals.

It was actually by chance. Colleagues suggested I become a pharmacy technician in 2006. From the first time I stepped foot into it, I grew to love the profession. I love helping patients and doing what I can to get them their medications in an efficient and timely manner. I never thought that in just a few years, I would take my pharmacy technician career even further. I now also help with prior authorizations and financial assistance so patients can get their medications at little to no cost. Getting that approval, and informing patients of that news, makes my job even more worthwhile. Moving forward, I would like to reach the director level and earn a 340B certification. Mentoring new technicians is a dream of mine, and I have slowly taken on this role.

How have PTCB’s credentials helped you?

My supervisor supported me in achieving the CPhT-Adv. It furthers my career with opportunities not just where I am now but beyond. Having the Medication Therapy Management, Medication History, Billing and Reimbursement, and Technician Product Verification certificates raise the bar for when I open new pharmacy sites and showcase my knowledge, strengths, and expertise as a pharmacy leader. I can teach and train technicians, and even pharmacists, on product verification. I can also train technicians on the benefits of medication history and management and even billing.

What advice would you give pharmacy technicians as they explore their career paths?

My advice to technicians is to never stop growing. One of the misconceptions in this field is that technicians do not feel they can grow after achieving their certification. That is simply not the case. Now, with advanced certification, technicians have a whole new outlook. There are jobs out there where employers are looking for pharmacy technicians with knowledge in areas that originally only pharmacists handled. There are leadership roles for technicians and these certificates will help in the hiring process for employers. There is nothing to stop technicians from achieving their goals and aspirations. Keep learning, continue to grow, and ask questions. Have the drive and motivation to achieve your goals.




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