Pharmacy Staff on the Front Lines

"We are putting our two children at risk every single day we come home."

April 3, 2020

“My husband and I are both employed at a big retail pharmacy (and grocery) chain. As of this past week, we have not been given masks or gloves to wear and were told we were not allowed to wear any. We also do not have any barrier between us and our patients.

After many, many years with this company, we feel completely let down and distraught that nothing has been done to protect our company's greatest asset (its dedicated employees). We feel like they have been sitting back until they *have* to do something (to keep up with other big chain pharmacies) instead of proactively working to protect the people who show up every day and devote their lives to this career and company. We are putting our two children at risk every single day we come home.

We feel unacknowledged by our company (and the entire medical community). Doctors and nurses are absolutely on the front lines, but pharmacy staff is right there behind them supporting those same patients when they leave the hospitals or get sent home to quarantine. We are completely distraught, worried, sad, and scared.”


Pharmacy Technician, Panhandle, FL