Converting to a COVID-19 Hospital

"We were an ambulatory hospital and in a matter of 48 hours they made us convert over to an all COVID-19 Hospital."

April 8, 2020

“We were an ambulatory hospital and in a matter of 48 hours they made us convert over to an all COVID-19 Hospital. We went from having only 200 medications to 2000. Since it was all surgical before, they told all the surgery-only personnel that their last day was in two days. The personnel who were not just OR, such as RN’s were asked if they wanted to stay and learn or if they wanted to be transferred out. Pharmacy was never told or given the option till after we converted the pharmacy over.

The pharmacy consisted of me and another technician. The one pharmacist we had, had gotten wind of this and had found another job that was work from home. He never gave us the heads up. Many had heard of this change happening since January. We felt so betrayed. Not that this was converting to a COVID hospital, but the way they made sure to keep us out of the loop. 

We are very close to the front lines— literally seeing into the patients rooms as we hand medications to the nurses and help with problems. The sad part is that we are not recognized as being on the front line. I went from 8 hour shifts to 12 hours and being off weekends to working weekends.

It takes me about an hour at work to wipe everything down to decontaminate my badge, cell phone and glasses along with clothes change after my shift. When I get home, I can't even hug my kids— I have to quickly go to the bathroom. To decontaminate some more and shower.

Yesterday we experienced our first loss in this fight with COVID. The worst part was the day before that loss, the spouse had stopped calling so a wellness check was done and the spouse was found deceased the day before.

Life in 2020 has been such a wake up call about health, work, love and life in all. May GOD Bless us all. Stay safe.”


Pharmacy Technician Specialist, San Antonio, TX