Tech Trek Navigator: Brian McKnight, CPhT-Adv

Brian is a pharmacy technician supervisor and supports his team of 18 technicians in earning their PTCB credentials. When he first started out just over a decade ago, he thought serving as a pharmacy technician would be a job, not a career—then he realized “the vast opportunities that were available for technicians.”

Tell us about your career goals.

I am currently working as a technician supervisor with a team of two other supervisors, and 18 technicians. My goal is to solidify for my team that being a pharmacy technician is a great career path. I plan on accomplishing this by helping my team achieve their credentials and setting an example by going the extra mile with advanced certification myself.

How have PTCB’s certificates helped you along your career path, or how will they help you in the future?

When I became a technician 11 years ago, I honestly thought it would be a job I did until I figured out a career. After becoming certified, I realized the vast opportunities available for technicians. I have been able to add a lot to my resume with the available certificates—both through what I have learned from the training and testing, and the new tasks I can handle with that gained knowledge. 

What advice would you give pharmacy technicians as they explore their unique career paths?

Being a technician is a very rewarding career, with many opportunities and specialties. My advice is to find something you are interested in and learn as much as you can about it. Let your interests guide you when choosing what area of pharmacy you want to work in. Use these certificates and the advanced credential to give you the confidence to walk into the pharmacy knowing you have a foundation from which to learn and continue to grow.

Brian enjoying a spring enduro trail ride in Knik, Alaska.



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