Tech Trek Navigator: Allison Schearback, CPhT-Adv, CSPT Emeritus (CSPT 2020 - 2023)

Allison’s passion for pharmacy started with curiosity about her grandparents’ medications when she was a teenager. It’s taken her into retail pharmacy, infusion pharmacy, sterile compounding, and more. She finds inspiration in guiding and advocating for other pharmacy technicians. With a coffee and tea in hand, along with her favorite pharmacy tools, a Kirby Lester and a repeater pump, Allison is unstoppable! 

Tell us about your career journey.

I knew I wanted to be in the pharmacy field when I was around 14 years old because I was curious about all the pills my grandparents organized into their pillboxes. The pride of my career so far has been using my retail and hospital knowledge to guide and teach adults and young adults so they can achieve their own rewarding pharmacy careers. My career focus has always been advocating for fellow technicians in the workplace. So it’s natural that my focus has shifted to widening my knowledge of different departments, allowing me to train and mentor new hires and coworkers.

How have PTCB’s certificates helped you?

My CPhT credential kicked off my career. At my first full-time job, I was asked to sit for the exam to earn a pay increase and achieve the title of lead technician. As I found my way into the sterile compounding world, my goal was to be one of the first 1,000 technicians to earn the CSPT credential. I achieved this milestone, which again earned me a pay and title increase. 

That provided me with an edge in the industry. Shortly after that, I interviewed and was hired for a prestigious corporate job where I traveled the country to share my knowledge and skills with other sterile compounders. In that position, I sought out my third assessment-based certificate, Hazardous Drug Management, shortly followed by Medication Therapy Management. Fast forward a year or so, and I have been actively using the Medication Therapy Management Certificate, along with my new Medication History Certificate, on the job every day—and I am nowhere near finished expanding my credentials and knowledge.

In addition to PTCB Credentials, I am also registered with the Georgia Board of Pharmacy, and I earned my BS in management in 2019 specifically to bring into the pharmacy field.

How do PTCB certificates help you lead?

I like to set the bar in the workplace for every technician to be the best they can. By being the first to earn these credentials, I can inspire others to develop their goal of rising to the top. I love seeing someone, who I trained to take over the lead position after my departure from a company, continue to lead with that passion and knowledge they craved when they were hired.

What advice would you give pharmacy technicians as they explore their career paths?

As I have said many times to all of my past pharmacy technician students, try it all. Start with retail and get to know and understand brands and generics and their classifications. Next, step into the world of hospital or long-term care or an infusion pharmacy as I did. And don't stop there; find a setting that you develop a passion for. PTCB credentials help pave the way and give you that edge to show not only passion but in-depth knowledge of subject matters that benefit patients.



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