Tech Trek Navigator: Nicolle Forrest, CPhT

When Nicolle isn’t soaring high on a zipline in Belize, she’s reaching new heights in her career and making an impact in her community. She finds it rewarding to see her patients grow while getting to know them—and she does it all while keeping comfortable on her feet in her favorite Skechers.

What do you love about being a pharmacy technician?

I became a pharmacy technician because I wanted to educate people and learn more about the importance of patient medication safety. I enjoy making an impact and difference in my community and people's everyday lives. I find it truly rewarding to watch my patients grow while building a rapport with them so they feel comfortable and confident when filling their medications at my pharmacy.

Both my father and paternal grandfather were pharmacists so it runs in the family. A close friend of mine was also a pharmacist and she was a huge inspiration and mentor. In addition, I was diagnosed with a medical condition so I wanted to learn more about medication therapy management and how to help myself and others. It makes me happy when I can advocate for my customers whether it’s resolving a third party billing issue or finding them better prices to make their medication more affordable.

How have PTCB’s certificates helped you?

My employer has recognized my accomplishments and my company rewards us based on our credentials through compensation and acknowledgment. And being a technician, especially during a global pandemic, has made me realize how essential we are to both our pharmacists and our patients in the community we serve. I had the opportunity to become a certified immunizer and help keep people informed on their vaccine statuses. I look forward to expanding my knowledge by obtaining additional certificates and continuing my growth in this field. I hope to one day become a leader in regulatory compliance, technician product verification, and medication therapy management.

What advice would you give pharmacy technicians as they explore their career paths?

I would encourage them to reach for the stars, find a niche in what they enjoy most about being a technician, and pursue their dreams. There is an abundance of opportunities for success. Earning certificates can lead to more responsibility and the ability to perform more complex tasks.

I took the PTCB exam three times before I finally passed so don't be discouraged if you fail the first (or second time). If you have the drive and passion to succeed, the sky's the limit! Everything is attainable and can be accomplished through perseverance. 



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