Research: Public Perceptions of Pharmacy Technicians and Certification

Three-Quarters of Americans Would Seek a Pharmacy That Requires Pharmacy Technicians To Be Certified

In October, PTCB released the results of a public perception survey conducted by KRC Research on behalf of PTCB. The findings reveal that 85% of the public believes it is very important for pharmacy technicians to be certified. Consumers feel so strongly about certification that 76% say they would seek out a different pharmacy if they learned technicians working in their current pharmacy were not certified.

The survey results show that among consumers, frequent pharmacy visitors are even more likely (79%) to seek a pharmacy where technicians are certified, and adults with children at home are most likely (82%) to look elsewhere. Consumers say they see many benefits to requiring pharmacy technicians to be certified, with the major benefit being certification’s impact on accuracy and professional knowledge.

The survey shows that misperceptions about laws governing technicians are widespread: 77% believe that all pharmacy technicians are required by law to be trained and certified before they can prepare prescriptions, when, in fact, regulations vary from state to state. Fewer than half the states include certification in their regulations, and if they include it, do not necessarily require it. Five states have no regulations at all for pharmacy technicians.

Key Findings

Public Perception Survey: Key Findings

According to the survey, consumers have high expectations for the qualifications of pharmacy technicians and certification is extremely important in the eyes of the consumer.

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