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Partner for Employee Success and Patient Safety

As an employer of pharmacy technicians, your role is critical in advancing the practice of pharmacy. This responsibility brings both great opportunities and challenges, including hiring the right candidates, training your employees, and providing career advancement opportunities within your organization.

PTCB is committed to helping employers develop a qualified and skilled pharmacy technician workforce that is prepared to support pharmacists and advance patient safety within the evolving health care system. We offer a free Advocate Employer Program for employers of pharmacy technicians who seek more resources for their workforce.

Join the Employer Program

Are you an employer committed to cultivating a qualified pharmacy technician workforce? Are you looking for resources to share with your pharmacy technician employees?

As an Advocate Employer, you join national chain, community, independent, and health-system pharmacies who work with PTCB to encourage pharmacy technician candidates to participate in the PTCB Certification Program. Advocate Employers are required to complete a bi-annual survey, which will provide general information to PTCB about current pharmacy technician employees in the workplace. Survey data will be compiled, summarized, and distributed to Advocate Employers on an annual basis. To join, employers simply submit a short application and complete a brief survey.

View the list of current PTCB Advocate Employers.

Advocate Employer Benefits



NEW! Free bulk verification of pharmacy technician employees' certification statuses.

As an Advocate Employer, you have the option to conduct bulk verifications of your employees’ certification statuses. This process allows you to determine the certification status of a group of individuals based on a predetermined set of criteria. Learn more.


  • Bulk Discount on the new PTCE Practice Test
  • Recognition on PTCB's website, including company logo
  • Recognition in PTCB newsletters and in PTCB's social media community

How Certification Benefits Employers

A PTCB sponsored study* found that pharmacists perceive pharmacy technician certification as an essential component in reducing medication errors, ensuring patient safety, and increasing positive health outcomes. Additionally, employers who support PTCB certification consistently reported:

  • Reduced pharmacist turnover
  • Reduced pharmacy technician turnover
  • Improved employee performance and satisfaction
  • Reduced pharmacy technician training times and costs
  • Increased risk management and lower insurance premiums
  • Increased availability of pharmacist to focus on direct patient care activities

Learn More

Becoming an Advocate Employer is easy and free! To join, complete and submit an application and brief survey to help PTCB learn about your organization. Please review the Terms and Conditions prior to submitting your application.

For additional information, check out our FAQ page, or contact PTCB.

*Source: Pharmacists’ Perceptions of the Value of Technician Certification through a Nationally Accredited Certification Program, Journal of Pharmacy Technology, 2010.