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PTCB Releases New Practice Exam and Calculations Practice App

Calculations Questions App is First PTCB Math Practice Tool

September 29, 2016

Washington, DC -- The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) has released two new Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination (PTCE) practice tools: the updated Official PTCB® Practice Exam; and the Official PTCB® Calculations Practice Questions app, a math practice tool PTCB is offering for the first time.

Updated Official PTCB Practice Exam
The updated Official PTCB® Practice Exam is the only practice test authorized by PTCB. Designed with the look and feel of the PTCE, it provides an experience much like taking the actual exam. PTCB developed the updated practice exam according to industry best practices. It was written and reviewed by subject matter experts, piloted by real test takers, and built according to the same content specifications as the PTCE. Like the PTCE, the practice exam contains 90 questions and has a 110-minute time limit. After completing the practice exam, test takers can log in to view their results, including correct and incorrect answers, with explanations for each. They are allowed 24 hours of post-exam review time within their 90-day exam delivery window. The Practice Exam price is $29, with bulk discounts offered to pharmacy technician educators and employers who participate in the PTCB Advocate Program.

Official PTCB® Calculations Practice Questions App
The first Official PTCB® Calculations Practice Questions app is now available for iOS and Android devices. Released September 27, 2016, the app features 90 questions that have appeared on the actual PTCE and represent calculations commonly performed by pharmacy technicians. To provide the best preparation experience, questions were selected from previous live PTCE exam questions that reflect a variety of calculation types, strong item performance, and a style similar to the current PTCE. Although the exact questions are no longer on the actual PTCE, these questions will help users develop a feel for the calculations they will encounter when they take the real PTCE, and strengthen their math skills. Test takers can take advantage of step-by-step explanations provided at the end of the practice questions to further enhance their studying.