PTCB Finalizes Acquisition of PTEC

Nation’s First and Only Nonprofit Organizations for Pharmacy Technician Credentialing and Educators Unite to Help Pharmacy Ensure Patient Safety and Advance Careers

December 15, 2022

Washington, D.C. – The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB), the nation’s first and only nonprofit organization for pharmacy technician credentialing, has acquired the Pharmacy Technician Educators Council (PTEC). PTEC membership voted to combine resources, expertise, and infrastructure to empower technician educators with enhanced resources and professional development opportunities and strengthen the future of the pharmacy technician workforce. 

Technician educators work in a variety of settings. In its 2022 Workforce Survey of nearly 20,000 technicians from around the country, PTCB found that nearly 65 percent of respondents received formal or informal training through their employers (independent and chain community pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, etc.), and almost 29 percent participated in training programs at a secondary institution (high school, community college, private school). As part of the onboarding, PTCB will connect to its vast network of PTCB-Recognized Education/Training Programs (which serve as the prerequisite for its credentials) that include professionals in all of these settings.

“We recognize a kindred spirit in PTEC. As industry leaders in our respective areas who share a mission to ensure the highest professional and patient safety standards, uniting PTCB and PTEC is an investment in the future of the pharmacy technician workforce to better prepare, advocate for, and serve all their members,” said PTCB Executive Director and CEO William Schimmel. 

As rapid changes in the healthcare system place new demands on pharmacy, technicians constantly require new and enhanced training to keep pace with their expanding role and increased responsibility. 

“PTEC advocates for rigorous education and training to prepare pharmacy technicians for success, and this partnership will increase the value of a PTEC membership with the added benefits of PTCB’s resources and infrastructure,” said Clay Sprouse, MEd., MPS, CPhT, president of PTEC. “I have no doubt that this will re-envision and re-energize PTEC moving forward.”

PTCB will provide resources and infrastructure to support PTEC as a membership organization. Together, PTCB and PTEC can assist the pharmacy profession in educating and training pharmacy technicians to adhere to best professional practices and promote the pharmacy technician's profession through professional activities.



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