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Good for Business: PTCB Launches Series Highlighting Employers Investing in Pharmacy Technicians

March 19, 2024

Washington, D.C. – The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) has launched a new series profiling employers who are making significant investments in pharmacy technicians to advance patient care and to expand their businesses. The inaugural feature of this ongoing series shines a spotlight on Bremo Pharmacy, an independent community pharmacy with two locations in Richmond, Virginia.

Bremo Pharmacy has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to harnessing the potential of pharmacy technicians to elevate patient care. Through strategic initiatives focused on credentialing, hiring practices, and a robust investment in technician development, Bremo Pharmacy has not only improved its operational efficiency but has also cultivated a culture of continuous improvement.

“Strong technicians allow us to run an efficient service-based pharmacy. If our technicians are doing all the tasks they are allowed to do, our pharmacists are then able to perform at the top of their license,” said Catherine Cary, PharmD, Bremo Pharmacy CEO and Pharmacist.

An investment in technicians is an investment in the future of pharmacy. According to PTCB's 2022 Workplace Survey, just over 56% of technicians view their jobs as long-term careers, a significant increase from the same survey 3 years prior. As pharmacy technicians further invest in their careers, it’s imperative that employers reinvest in them and their professional development. This investment not only enhances patient care but also benefits technicians themselves and ultimately drives business success.

“Investment in pharmacy technicians may look different depending on the situation, pharmacy or practice setting,” said Liza Chapman PharmD, FAPhA, Chief Professional Officer at PTCB. “Of course, we’re supportive of employers encouraging and sponsoring technicians to earn PTCB credentials, which can help advance patient safety and provide clear career paths for their employees. But there are many other ways for employers to invest in their technicians through recognition and promotions, continuing education offerings, higher wages, expanded job responsibilities, and more.” 

PTCB remains committed to supporting employers and pharmacy technicians through credential programs, continuing education opportunities, and advocacy efforts aimed at advancing the pharmacy profession.

"Employers like Bremo Pharmacy exemplify the positive impact that investing in pharmacy technicians can have on patient care and business success," said Chapman. "As PTCB continues to highlight these exemplary employers through our new series, we hope to inspire other organizations to follow suit and prioritize the professional development of their pharmacy technicians."

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