Employer Stories


Forward-thinking employers across the country recognize the win-win-win of investing in career development for pharmacy technicians—good for patients, good for technicians, and good for business.
The role of pharmacy technicians has expanded significantly in recent years in response to ongoing shifts in the healthcare landscape, like patient-centered care, changes in state regulations, technological advances, shortages of healthcare professionals, and the rise of telehealth. Public health emergencies have rapidly accelerated this expansion, with 83% of pharmacy technicians in the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB)’s 2022 Workplace Survey saying that their duties have expanded since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Today, pharmacy technicians increasingly perform sophisticated operational duties like supply chain and inventory management in community pharmacies and health system settings. In many states, the scope of practice for pharmacy technicians has broadened to include more advanced tasks traditionally performed by pharmacists, such as point of care testing, immunizations, sterile compounding, medication reconciliation, telehealth services, and automated dispensing systems. As pharmacy technicians perform a wider range of tasks on their pharmacy teams, they also take advantage of unprecedented leadership opportunities within their organizations and in state pharmacy associations and boards.

Smart employers know that knowledgeable, well-trained pharmacy technicians are critical in optimizing pharmacy workflow and building a strong reputation for quality care. They also know that expanding technician roles requires increasing their opportunities for career growth.

We've talked with employers across the nation who are leading the way, and we're happy to share their stories in this ongoing series.



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